um. This is a picture of the before and after shot over a time span of 3 days. Greenland’s ice sheet has melted in the fastest time in over 150 years - and in such a short time, this must surely mean something. Shell Oil however, want to build an oil rig here, which would only cause more ice to melt. This in turn would mean an increase in sea levels, loss of habitat for animals - which could cause entire species to go to the brink of extinction. Not to mention more damage done to the ozone layer, which helps to protect us from skin cancer. Storm frequency and intensity would increase too. 

If you could go here —-> <—- and send a vital message that could stop Shell from building an oil rig that would cause such devastation. Every day there are fewer places of such natural beauty, and it would mean a lot if you could send a message. If you can’t, please please please reblog this, just to spread awareness.

Thank you :)xx

This post is posted on Monday 30 July 2012.
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